Unleash the Power of Your Mind

By 9th August 2014Focus

Getting fit, strong and healthy is not really that confusing. In fact, most people – even those who are horribly out of shape – know what healthy eating and proper exercise looks like. Why, then, are so many people out of shape? Why do others try to get fit, lean, muscular and fat free but fail to realize their goals? It is because there is a world of difference between knowing and doing. And the key to bridging that gap lies between your ears.

Your mind is the source of all of your actions. That’s why the most important part of getting the body you deserve is simply making up your mind to do what it takes to get one. Unless you are able to channel your mental energies, you will never succeed with your physical goals. In fact, unless you win the mind battle before you begin your training and nutrition programs, you will subconsciously find ways to sabotage your efforts. If, however, you are able to utilize the amazing power of your subconscious mind, you will become unstoppable in your quest for the ultimate physique.

Subconsciously Conscious 

The mind has two separate parts; the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind is the part that you’re using right now – the thinking, rational, logical side. The conscious mind takes in information from the five senses and filters them through the faculties of reason and analysis. It then makes reasoned judgments on that information. The mirror opposite to this is the subconscious. The subconscious doesn’t think, it doesn’t reason, it doesn’t analyse. In fact, it works somewhat like a computer. Everything that is inputted is accepted as being true. And, just as a computer executes it’s programming, everything that enters the subconscious is carried in the form of behaviors. Almost everything that enters into your conscious mind filters through to your subconscious. The things that it latches on to, and acts upon, are the conscious thoughts that are repeated with emotion in the conscious mind. This leads to the key to unleashing the power of your mind:

 We must take conscious control over the programming of our minds 

The subconscious mind carries out every command it receives from the conscious mind. By frequently repeating the right thoughts, we have the power to control what messages get passed from the conscious to the subconscious. Of course, we are always carrying on an internal conversation in our brains. For the majority of people, that inner talk is predominantly negative. People constantly tell themselves that can’t lose weight, that they’ll never be able to build decent muscle and that they just don’t have the power to resist junk food. The problem is that these messages get passed through to their sub-conscious. The subconscious then translates those thoughts into actions that will make them a reality – like skipping a workout, cheating on your diet or giving up on an exercise before you should.

Banish Negativity

Negative thinking is the single greatest reason why people never reach their physical goals. What we focus on flourishes, so every time you tell yourself that you can’t lose weight no matter what you do, that you’ll always be fat and that you hate exercise, you are influencing your subconscious mind to failure. On the other hand, when you take control of your thoughts, by regulating your thoughts and consciously banishing negativity from your brain, you are programming the sub-conscious for success. When you start a negative thought, catch yourself mid-thought and force that negativity out of there. Immediately replace it with a positive thought.

Positive self-talk is the key to mental toughness. Never doubt yourself, never use the word “can’t” in your inner dialogue and never allow yourself to be contented with mediocre thoughts. Instead begin developing the mindset of a champion by choosing to use such positive self-talk statements as “I am totally responsible for my results”, “By getting up early this morning to work out I am setting myself up for an awesome day”, and “I am unstoppable”.

Study Winning Mindsets

One way to strengthen your mindset is to study the way that established winners have used their mind to achieve great things. Perhaps the greatest example of all is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold was so confident in his own ability that, in his mind, he was already the greatest bodybuilder in the world, before he had even moved out of the tiny Austrian village of Thal. In fact, at age 17, he stated that his goal was to be the greatest bodybuilder ever, then to move to America and become a movie star and eventually to become a politician. Over the next 40 years, it was simple a matter of following through on the road map that he’d set before himself.

One thing that Arnold, and every other successful goal-setter, did early on was to share his goals with those around him. Doing so makes the goal setter accountable. If you don’t follow through, there are people who will remind you of your failure. This can be a great motivator. When Arnold shared his bodybuilding goal with his parents, they responded by taking him to a psychiatrist. When he shared his ambition to be a movie star, people laughed in his face. And when he started to pave his political career, people wrote him off as just another Hollywood pretty boy. All of this negativity fueled Arnold on to greatness. So, when people serve negativity in the face of your goals, turn the energy around and use it to fuel the fires of your own ambition.


By banishing negativity and reprogramming your conscious mind with positive self-talk, you will be unleashing the power of your subconscious to propel you toward your goals. Healthy eating, intense training and positive life-style habits will be your body’s default settings. Failure will no longer be an option.

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